Clearing Underwater Plastic in Diving

Removing ocean plastic driven by a profound love for the sea

CUPID 4 SCIENCE (Clearing Underwater Plastic in Diving) is a citizen science project that aims to study how the clearing of underwater plastic impacts microplastics at various depths and within coastal ecosystems in different geographical areas, starting from Italy and the Maldives.

The final goal is to optimize and coordinate people efforts and, through a dedicated Web Portal, collect scientific data in order to support and promote clearing underwater events in different areas, support local governments to take proper decisions and raise awareness on the marine life.

Scuba divers, snorkelers, free divers as well as non-swimmers are all invited to take part to the project and to participate to different activities that include: collection of water and/or sediments samples, organization of several clean up events, upload to the Web Portal all the environmental data collected to make them available to citizens and administrations. The collected data will also be important for awareness campaigns and education projects.

“United to rid the ocean plastic” is CUPID 4 SCIENCE’s motto, so why not taking advantage of your holiday at The Barefoot Eco Hotel to participate at clean up events, since everyone can make a difference in this challenging process of clearing the world’s oceans from plastic.