About us

The Barefoot Eco Hotel makes its home on the inhabited island of Hanimaadhoo, in the preserved deep north of the Maldives.

The origin of the hotel dates back to 22nd November 2014 from the vision of the Swiss entrepreneur, Mr Christophe Groh, who arrived in Hanimaadhoo on an assignment of the Maldivian Government to build social houses on the island.

It was at that moment that he decided to construct what later became the first 4 star hotel on a local island.

Driven by a deep love and respect for the natural environment, our aim is still to preserve the biodiversity and the wonders of the Maldives by making of the sustainable tourism our mission. Thanks to our commitment and tireless work towards sustainability, in 2021 we have been proudly certified as a sustainable hotel by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Being on a local island means that we are committed in celebrating and conserving heritage and culture of the country by giving our guests the incredible opportunity to get to know the “real Maldives” and experience the genuine island life.

We take particular pride in The Barefoot’s kind, friendly and smiling staff. Our motto is “we love what we do for you” because passion is what motivates us. We strive to make every stay unique and unforgettable for each and every guest by offering a genuine and personalized service.

We cannot wait to welcome you to our tropical paradise. We promise to do whatever we can to make your holiday as memorable as possible and to make you feel part of The Barefoot family.