In the Community

The Barefoot Eco Hotel follows the principles of eco-sustainability and conservation of the environment as well as the involvement of the local community within its activities.

Sustainable tourism is the essence of our actions. We follow our main objective by ensuring that the exclusive experiences, cultures and environments we share with our guests can be encounter not just once, but for all the future generations of travelers. This means that our priority for the guests goes always along with particular consideration to those who are hosting us on the island and the ecosystem of the island itself.

Since the opening, The Barefoot has had a role in the development of the local school in the island, in addition to its role in introducing a project to sort waste created at the local households. A new fish market has been built at the harbour and the sewage system repaired in the village. As a result of our tourism influence, new souvenir shops and coffee cafes have opened.

The implication of the local community is pursued in several ways, such as:

  • The provision of an economic return to the local community through the contracting of local workers.
  • The dissemination of knowledge on the environment and culture of Maldives, especially of Hanimaadhoo, through specific activities for tourists, such as cultural guided cycling tour of the village and exploration of the forest. During these activities, the tourists can discover many aspects of the local culture and also support the local economy simply by shopping in the village shops.
  • Fishermen from the adjacent islands catch and sell fish to the resort on a daily basis. As a result, our guests will always be able to enjoy fresh seafood during their stay, while also helping to support the local economy.
  • Many local products are purchased on Hanimaadhoo Island to promote the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint due to goods transportation.
  • The development of specific environmental education programs for the local school aimed to raise awareness about the “waste” problem and the development of a project of waste sorting within the families of Hanimaadhoo, which is the first step towards recycling.
  • Internship with the schools of the region are open to Maldivian students.
  • Twice a week we invite Maldivian women to cook traditional Maldivian cuisine in the hotel’s oven. By showing how they prepare their meals traditionally guests have the opportunity to closely experience the Maldivian lifestyle.
  • Sponsoring activities organized by the local community (Eid celebrations, football team).
  • All staff members at The Barefoot Eco Hotel work every day to improve the environmental and social situation of the island.